Road trip to Brooklyn for our first show at Renegade Craft Fair

This was the very first craft show I've ever done and I was a nervous wreck prepping for the event. Let alone trying to determine how much product to bring and what colors and how many business cards, etc; I had to figure out a plan to display my pillows. And… whatever I came up with had to fit into my CRV. Using all of those interior design and model making skills, here's a basic sketch of what I came up with: 
The horizontal shelves pull out from the vertical planes and breakdown to: 5'4" x 12" x 9"
Process shot of pillow stacks in the making.
Viola! Here we are all set up.
We had such an amazing time visiting Brooklyn, meeting fans of our work and working with our clients in person. The event was a huge success for us! And… thanks to airbnb, this is the incredible view we woke up to every morning!
Thanks NY! Until next time...

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